Entry: On the menu today Monday, April 05, 2004

On the menu today:

Xaos' potato knish


-3 cups flour
-1 stick margarine
-1 medium potato; cooked, peeled, mashed
-1 cup lukewarm water


-8 large potatoes; cooked, peeled, mashed
-3 eggs
-oil for sauteing
-kosher salt and pepper to taste
-3 large onions, sliced and sauteed


separate dough into several small balls. (something in the range of 50-60 balls)
roll out each piece of dough using a goodly amount of flour under ball to avoid
sticking. sprinkle lightly with matzo meal. cut each rolled-out ball into a 2 by
3 inch rectangle using a sharp knife and a ruler or kitchen straight-edge.  fill
rectangles, roll up, seal at the ends and brush the whole thing with beaten egg.
Bake on a floured and greased cookie sheet at 400 degrees until golden brown.
remove from sheet carefully, serve.


June 1, 2004   02:28 PM PDT
yum yum yum...this recipe takes me back to my childhood : ) there is no better smell than knish in the works...

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