Entry: On the menu today Saturday, April 17, 2004

On the menu today:

Winston's ridiculously easy chilli con carne...

Ingredients per person:
mince 250g (for big eaters, ordinary people use 150-200g)
Half an onion
Half a tin of chopped tomatoes (use real tomatoes if you're so inclined, chop
before use, and add a little water at the same time.)
Half a tin of kidney beans
a teaspoon of chilli powder
tablespoon of oil
Beef stock cube
Optional - Soy sauce

Heat the oil in a big pan, maintain the heat until the end.
Chop the half onion, fry in oil until soft, add the mince and brown it. Add the
chopped tomatoes, then the chilli, then the kidney beans, stirring all the time.
Dissolve the stock cube in half a pint of water and pour that in. (If you like
add some soy sauce for a little extra flavour) Simmer it, stirring now and
again, till most of the liquid has gone (ie it looks right), and serve with

(FYI - Mince is ground beef)


April 18, 2004   09:22 AM PDT
Thanks for this! I may just use it when im trying to impress my parents. they might even think i made it up myself. hehe. thanks n it better taste good!!

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