Entry: On the menu today Saturday, June 05, 2004

On the menu today:

Aile's Jambalaya

feeds 10...uses a pressure cooker



10 pieces chicken fryer portions (leg and thigh)(2 pcs. per person)

6 large green bell peppers

2 large yellow or orange bell peppers

2 large red bell peppers

10 whole roma style tomatoes

5 large onions

5 cups instant rice (1/2 c. per person)

2 bay leaves


chili powder

all spice

garlic powder



1 small can diced tomatoes with peppers and onions (8 ounces which is 1 cup)

optional: cleaned and deveined shrimp-3 pounds or so, medium sized.



Cover bottom of pressure cooker with olive oil and add the chicken a few pieces at a time to brown them.  It CAN go in frozen, but thawed is preffered.  You may also add a little fresh garlic to the oil, but it WILL carmelize.


When all of the chicken is browned on both sides, throw it all back into the pressure cooker.  Cover and cook until the jiggler on top rocks gently for 15 minutes (usually med to med low).  If it is rocking hard, turn it down. 


Prepare the veggies.

Cut each pepper into 8 chunks...make certain seeds are removed first by cutting off the lid and pulling out the core.  Cut in half and then each half into 4.

Cut off the top and bottoms of the onions and peel off the skin, then quarter them.

Make certain shrimp is thawed and prepared, then rinse under cold water.


Back to the chicken:

Carefully release the pressure by either running water over the rim or careful removing the jiggler.  Check the chicken.  If it is falling easily from the bone and the knuckles are loosened, it's ready.


You have a choice now.  Either remove the bones and knuckles, or don't..She  removes them.

Add the veggies. (Yes, whole tomatoes)

Add the spices IN ORDER.  Use the most of the cayenne, then a little less chile powder, then a little all spice, etc.

Recover the pressure cooker and cook for 10 gently rocking jiggle minutes.

Cook the rice.


Again, quick cool the pressure cooker and open.  Add the rice and the shrimp and heat through--do not repressurize..the shrimp would shrink and the tomatoes will disappear!


Serve hot.



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