Sassyk » I love your site, I check it out all the time. Brilliant.
Laura » I love the look in here! Nice!
Gloria » Catchy! Love it.
Melly » wait bitchen food header graphic.
Melly » a bitchen header graphic, helpee??
Christina » Looks great Fallen! *smiles* I'm glad it's back. Now I'm gonna have to try a few of these. Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations.
Helpee » Perfect! I was hoping you would make the design a bit more easy to read and such. Great job! Maybe add a bitchen looking food header graphic.
galaxy_gal » meybe it is very tasty
mozerkus » About what u saying???
twitch » this blog definitely needs to start being used again
Scyleia » Yes, more food! And I'll send some recipes
Fallen » One of these days I may update this thing again
Stardust Ria » hmmm .. . gives me butterflies in my tummy. . . cool
RockinRecipes » Great blog.
Smiley Face » ur site is funny! no offense! i like it lots!
Seige » damn, i'm hungry
Seige » this is so cool
CuriouslyMad » woo hoo!
Fallen » Let there be index!
CuriouslyMad » I may have a couple of recipes to share. Just any old recipes I like? Also, you need an index of recipes. Want me to make one?
evie » ooooh any new recipes?
Sinister Ninja » *ahem* The next entry... lol.
Sights » I'm taking the Chicken and Dumplings recipe to Mobile. Comfort food.
Sinister Ninja » Wait till you see the next recipe.
shawnazon » yum! great idea for a blog!
Fallen » The system is simple. I receive recipes from other bloggers and post some of my own. I encourage all and sundry to try them.
ExplicitMartinis » I adore your stuff. I'm not sure what the system of this blog is... so if you don't mind... I'd like to make Aile's Jambalaya tonight for my lady friends. I will of course tell them of your blog. Ta.
aPoL » yummy!!!!! can u cook for me?
Sinister Ninja » It's delicious.
Sinister Ninja » You should invite a guest author for an entry (me) and I'll post "Sinister Ninja's 'Wendy's Classic Triple, Biggie Sized'". You like?
raejane » Awesome, Fallen!
Mulan » Can you post Filipino Food???
Mulan » hmmm yummy.. nice blog
Sue » I'm hungry now too
laura » hello hello!
cad_drafter » huahahahahahahaha
wordweave » I put a recipe on my blog for sweet and spicy soup. You might like it
meg » i love these recipes... please keep posting more! thanks!!
Fallen » well no update today even if I had a recipe dangit.
Fallen » Thanks thoughful. Next time use the contact me and I can post it. *smiles* I'm giving serious though to the burger.
Thoughtfulness » Veggie Burgers: mash kidney beans, put salsa, bread crumbs and then mix and shape into patties! Then grill them! It's that easy! Seve with Sour cream or whatever toppings, but that's my suggestion
Meg » hey guys
dania » darn, this is too delicious to be a blog. Nice!
wordweave » I have a casserole recipe to send you that's wonderfully simple : )
wailfulrhyme » i was wondering if you had any good recipes for lemon soup?
mitch » oh..nice theme!i ike this yummy blog
APRIL » Keep it commin' with those recipies!
eee » hello
trina » mmmm.. sounds good
Hallie » hi! i'm just randomly visiting blogs and i saw yours. just here to say hello !
Jaala Soulvrin » great blog....!!!
nakeddolphin » I like it!! Sounds very tasty
ArLo » nice blog you got here. hmm.. now someone has decided to be different..
Eb » lol cool blog x
louanne » coollll!!!!!
wordweave » twitch, the recipe for the parmesean chicken serves about 6 people
Fallen » Yes I do. I don't eat seafood but I have some. What type of fish?
Kat » Do you have any fish recipes?
wordweave » yay!
Agape » Fallen tried the chicken parmesan. was wonderful! thanks.
twitch » how many people does that chicken parmesan feed?
wordweave » I'm going to send you my special salsa recipe : ) It's always a hit. I married a man of Mexican origin first time 'round...
Fallen » I'll pass that along to him. *smiles*
:S: » I tried Winston's ridiculously easy chilli con carne last night!! Amazing! Gracias!!
fieryskies » woohoo! you liked the chicken!
lilith » i like the recipes.will try it someday ^-^
HumiliatingGrapes » Yum...I'm gonna ask my dad to cook me something from here or maybe I will try something myself!
.bellz. » nice page!
guardgurl07 » fallendarkness: where did you get the idea for your blog?
MaKaylumLee » Stop you making me SO hungry!! --good site
myla » interesting page!
trim » Sweet site, i wanna try some of these out
henrietta » yay! a food page
Tinka » hahahaha is ur site just all on food? i like it, i like it! u've got a goooddd mind
Sofya » yummy page i like it.
JustATragedy » Lol, ok since you only have recipes... then here's MY favorite... Make ramen noodles(follow instructions), drain with COLD water, add dressing(preferably "Dorthy Lynch", add spices/vegetables, ENJOY!
fieryskies » i wasn't expecting that you'd take a liking to my recipe!!
fieryskies » i almost fell out of my chair when this page popped up!
Parallel_I » this blog is beautiful!
leowiccan » MMMM MMMM Good!! I just ran into this page playing around here and there was this page full of food for a por bachelor boy like me!!! How do I get to the next page???
Fallen » Curses. WFD has been spammed.
the one and onlydave » My sister suggested I go to culinary school but I don't like the lifestyle.
Shalloola » God, I love this sight. It fills me up during those late night cravings.
fieryskies » ohmigosh, there is a whole WORLD of new recipes now for me. i can't believe i couldn't see the "next page" button...
fieryskies » i'm going to attempt the chili cheese chicken tonight without a microve, since it's broken. i hope this pans out okay...
Fire-fingers » Cool! An online cookbook of sorts! Keep it up!
fieryskies » i sure wish i could print an entire blog because i'm going grocery shopping in about thirty minutes, and this would make for a nice guide
Aile » Time to send you a recipe!
Sunsprite » ill send you a recpie soon - take care
kinilaw » i think i'm getting addicted to this blog. i can't wait for dinner!!!!
fieryskies » Yes, that's a fair warning! hehe
Fallen » Might Induce Hunger? *laugh* I'll talk to the designer. She'll love that.
fieryskies » After browsing this site I proceeded to eat about 2 lbs of spagetti topped with chicken breast, followed by chocolate cake. This site should be banned, or at least have a hunger-warning on it!
fieryskies » i am so dense! i didn't even realize that this is the same author as the other blog! heh : ) how neat, though...
fieryskies » your site makes me so hungry!
Aile » I cheat on dumplings...I use refrigerator biscuits!
Landy » Omg i loovveee ur site
mid » my mom gonna love this blog